Welcome to the area dedicated to the holiday rental agencies.

First of all, you must know that we are neither a travel agency nor a Tour. We are a market place where the offer and the demand can meet in real time.

If you are tired of giving outrageous commissions and to undergo drastic conditions imposed by the traditional intermediaries, our interface is for you.

Our system enables you to control your reservations freely and can be adapted to your working methods. You enter the information of your lodgings or hotels in our Web. You give us the descriptions, the photographs (without limit of memory space because we consider that the more information you will give and the more significant will be the answer of the customers). You can enter and modify your prices, make promotional or last minute offers, put your own booking and cancellation conditions, answer the questions of the customers, receive directly the payments of the customers, confirm the bookings, etc...

You can also use a planning allowing you to manage the availabilities of your bedrooms and lodgings on line. It is a real time booking system. With a very simple interface of use, you will have the possibility to manage easily the on line reservations of your lodgings. It is obvious that it is much easier for an hotel to put some bedrooms on free sales than for a holiday rental agency to manage in real time several tens of different villas and apartments. Therefore, you also have the possibility of letting the visitors send reservations on request.

Caution!! One should not mix up reservation on line and reservation in real time. The reservation in real time makes it possible to the Net surfers to know immediately the availabilities of the bedrooms or lodgings and to receive their confirmations by e-mail at once. Without a real time booking tool, the number of reservations remains weak because of some encountered problems. Today you receive requests for by e-mail, but usually you cannot answer immediately (the answers arrive 12h, 24h, or sometimes even 48h later). The customer is not informed in real time of the availability of the lodging of his choice. As a consequence, there is a significant probability that he does other requests with other property managers at the same time in order to be certain to receive at least one positive answer. Thus, you can record a significant loss of reservations because the customers want to know instantaneously if their reservations succeeded or not. Moreover, the bookings carried out with a real time system strongly decrease the workload of your reservation department.

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