Legal agreement

Legal notice

This notice regulates the modalities and conditions of use of this website.

ESCAPADE, SIA, SL, the sole owner of the webs and, is a company registered at the Chamber of Commerce of Girona under the CIF B-17517665, tome 1.075, Folio 124, sheet GI-19.429, domiciled Calle Sant Pau, 8, 1ª, Figueres, Girona, Spain.

1.Terms and conditions of Use
By registering as a "User" of the Web, and (or) and by clicking onto the button " I accept ", you agree with the terms below.

Escapade proposes a booking platform to the holiday rental agencies owners whose accommodations appear on Escapade’s Websites. By carrying out a reservation via these Sites and affiliated, you conclude a contract directly with the property rental agency owner managing the accommodation you have selected.

Except contrary mention, Escapade does not charge any fee to the Users for the supply of its Services.

2.Copyrights and Trademarks
Escapade. All rights reserved. The brand and logo of Escapade are trademarks of Escapade SIA, SL las well as all the titles, characters, names and graphics used in conjunction with the websites. All the others brands are the property of their respective holders. All the documentation contained in the websites is the property of Escapade or of the firms collaborating on the websites and is also protected by copyright, brands, brands of services and other rights of property. You accept not to copy, modify, distribute or sell the contents of these Website, in whole or part, nor to create derivative products of them.

3.Age and liability
You declare that you are at least 18 years old and to possess the right and ability to accept this agreement and to use this Web site in accordance with the stated conditions. You accept the financial responsibility rising from the use of these Sites (as well as for use of your account by others, in particular, and in a nonrestrictive way, by minors living with you).

4.Information to the Users
As a User of this Site, you certify that all the information you submit (name, addresses, credit card data) is veracious and exact. If necessary, Escapade reserves the right to prohibit you the use of its websites and to claim a compensation for any loss being pulled by your information.

5.Our services
Escapade publishes the descriptions, the rates, and the availability of holiday rentals and others goods and travel services. The rates and the availability are prone to modification without notice. The reservations are subjected to the taxes and fees applicable.

Every transaction made through one of the Sites will be carried out directly by the holiday rental agency managing the selected accommodation. Therefore, it’s the company managing your booking that commits itself and not Escapade.

It is possible that specific conditions apply to the availability, the rates, or the cancellation for each holiday rental or rural lodging. You must read the booking terms applying to each accommodation before going to the menu "Booking".

All the information requests or bookings must be realized through Escapade’s Website by sending the corresponding form. The data of the company managing the accommodation appears only at the time of the confirmation of the booking, this is done for your security (check the section Frequently Asked Questions). If you ask for the data of the holiday rental agency owner before having received a confirmation of the booking, Escapade keeps the right to cancel at once your requests and your account without advance notice.

A user cannot have two different accommodations for the same period blocked under his name and awaiting for a deposit unless the User really needs several accommodations and sends an express demand.

As User of this Site, you guarantee that all the information you submitted (name, address, credit card) is sincere and exact. If necessary, Escapade keeps the right to cancel this Contract, to forbid you the use of the Site and to ask for a compensation for any loss having been pulled by false information.

If the data of contact are incomplete or incorrect, the User takes the risk of seeing the confirmation of his booking delayed or cancelled by the company managing the booking. Furthermore, Escapade reserves the right to forbid you the use of its Web.

7.Limited responsibility
Without any prior notice, Escapade is entitled to close its Websites for maintenance or improvement. Escapade can’t be held responsible for the problems or the losses resulting from such a temporary shutdown.

Escapade makes no express or implicit guarantee on the descriptions and the rates of the accommodations listed on its websites. The Companies (holiday rental agencies owners) make all the efforts to check the accuracy and the relevance of the Contents posted on the websites. They hold the liability for the content published on the websites.

The booking process is controlled by the property managers. In the same way, the deposits are paid to them. Thus, the company managing your booking is the sole and exclusive responsible for the booking. Consequently, Escapade can neither be held responsible for the transmission errors or the delays / cancellations of the bookings, nor for other act or omission from third party companies using Escapade’s booking platform.

8.Advertising and Sponsorship
Some parts of the Websites may contain advertising and (or) sponsorship. The advertisers and sponsors are the sole responsible for the material included on the Websites. Escapade does not support any of the products and/or services promoted and could not be held responsible for any error or inaccuracy relating to the advertising content or for sponsorship material.

9.Confidentiality and private life
The personal information that you transmit to Escapade will remain confidential. Escapade does not exchange, rent or sell personal information of its Users. Some general information and statistics can be entrusted at external organizations and companies, but in no case the personal data of the Users.